Semarang, Indonesia. Photo by Wikimedia Commons.
Semarang, Indonesia. Photo by Wikimedia Commons.

An Indonesian coffee plantation worker recently faced the media to talk about the joys of working in the coffee industry.

Mul Yati, a 47-year-old supervisor of the Banaran Coffee Plantation in Semarang, Indonesia, has worked there since the 1980s. Plantation work can reportedly involve ten-hour work days during harvest season, which usually happens between May and September every year, Daily News Egypt reported.

Yati says she loves her job despite the hard work. The company running the plantation provides proper equipment to staff, and no child workers are employed at the plantation.

Established in 1908, the Banaran coffee plantation normally has a staff of 250, which grows to 400 during harvest season. Workers are encouraged to work on trees that suit their own heights.

Statistics from the International Coffee Organization (ICO) show that Brazil is the largest exporter of coffee in the world, with 5.7 billion pounds of ground coffee shipped annually. Also, Finland consumes the most coffee globally, with 12kg of coffee consumed per person every year.