Vivek Mahbubani
Photo: Facebook, Laugh Festival HK
Vivek Mahbubani Photo: Facebook, Laugh Festival HK

Vivek Mahbubani, a Hong Kong-born Indian and a bi-lingual stand-up comedian, has been elected as one of the Outstanding Young Persons in Hong Kong for this year.

Vivek, who speaks fluent Cantonese and English, said he only started performing stand up comedy for fun, but now continues to perform as a way to bring happiness to others, Wen Wei Po reported.

Vivek grew up in an Indian household where his family spoke English. By studying in local schools, he learned Cantonese.

He admitted that, because of his origins, he faced a lot of cultural challenges as he was growing up, but said that he was able to turn the hardship to his advantage, and use the experience as content for his performances.

Vivek, who was crowned 2017 Chinese and 2018 English Funniest Comedian in Hong Kong, is the host of the TV series “Hong Kong Stories” by RTHK.

He is also a musician and a new media designer.

Vivek said he was very surprised to receive the honor and now is proud to tell people, “I am from Hong Kong”.

He hopes he is not only able to bring joy to fellow citizens of Hong Kong, but also to remind them to appreciate trivial things surrounding them in this beautiful city.

Eight awardees were elected as Outstanding Young Persons by the Junior Chamber International Hong Kong for this year; other awardees included Hong Kong track star Sarah Lee Wai-sze and co-founder of GoGoVan Steven Lam.