Domestic cats and dogs are fair game pythons, who see them as food. Photo by iStock.

A video showing a 12-foot python and a cat at a house in Nonthaburi, Thailand, has gone viral. On Sept. 18, a homeowner woke to find his cat had been crushed by a python which was trying to consume the feline, the Daily Mail reported.

The owner of Mi Mi, the family’s cat, called emergency services and a snake catcher arrived shortly after.

The video showed the snake trying to wrap its mouth around the feline before the snake handler intervened. Viroj Boonthai, the snake handler, said the cat was already deceased by the time the homeowner discovered the snake in his yard.

Boonthai added that the family could not have done much to intervene as they were afraid of the snake and had no equipment to save Mi Mi.

The python was captured and later released into the wild.