The amateur snake catcher tried to subdue the snake but failed. Captured on Youtube.

A self-proclaimed snake rescuer was bitten by a cobra while attempting to subdue it in Odisha, India.

On October 3, residents in Sunabeda, Koraput District spotted a cobra in a building and called 40-year-old Sukumar Mahanadia to help secure  it, the Times of India reported.

A video recorded by a witness showed Mahanadia’s struggle to secure the reptile. He initially tried to lure the snake into a sack, only to fail. After he then grabbed the snake behind its head, the cobra bit his hand.

Mahanadia immediately released the snake and was rushed to hospital, where he received treatment for swelling around the bite. The cobra reportedly entered another building in the neighborhood.

After a volunteer from the Snake Helpline was called to the scene, the snake was subsequently captured and released into a nearby forest.