A Filipino student was bitten by a crocodile while he was swimming in a river in Palawan in the Philippines. Photos: Wikimedia Commons, iStock

A Filipino high-school student was attacked by a 2-meter-long crocodile after he went swimming near the mouth of a river in Balabac, southern Palawan, in the Philippines.

On Saturday morning, Parsi Hulia Diaz, 16, and his friend Ronel Sara, both high-school students, were about to board a motorized canoe after their swim when a crocodile bit Parsi’s leg, the Philippine News Agency reported.

The crocodile started dragging the boy away but his friend grabbed one of the boat’s paddles and hit the crocodile repeatedly, which caused the animal to release Parsi and swim away.

The teenage victim suffered bite wounds on his right knee and lower right buttock. He was taken to a nearby health center and had his wounds treated.

According to police, at least six crocodile attacks have occurred in the the area in the past six years. Several people have been killed in previous crocodile attacks.