Abu Dhabi, capital of the United Arab Emirates. Photo: iStock

The Philippine government is urging all undocumented Filipinos in the United Arab Emirates to make use of a UAE government amnesty that is due to end this month.

Paul Raymund Cortes, Consul General of the Philippine Consulate in Dubai, said that nearly 1,000 Filipinos have already returned to the Philippines due to the amnesty program, which began on August 1, Gulf News reported.

Cortes encouraged undocumented Filipinos to avail themselves of the amnesty to either be repatriated or to legalize their status in the UAE. He urged them to take advantage of the authorities’ leniency while there was still time, as the amnesty program will end on October 31.

After the program ends, undocumented foreigners who failed to take advantage of the amnesty will be penalized. Employers or companies who hire undocumented foreigners will be fined 50,000 dirhams (US$13,615) for each worker they hire, and repeat offenders will be fined 100,000 dirhams.