Doha, Qatar. Photo: Wikimedia Commons
Doha, Qatar. Photo: Wikimedia Commons

A Filipino man who is fluent in Arabic voluntarily teaches the language and other skills to fellow Filipinos in Qatar.

Jafar Abdulhamid, who was born in Marawi City in the Philippines, moved to Qatar when he was 14 in 2004 after receiving a full scholarship from the Qatari government to study at the Preliminary and Secondary Religious Institute for Boys in Doha, The Peninsula reported.

Abdulhamid said learning Arabic was his passion and that he was one of the fastest learners in his class, having learned to speak the language in just three months. In 2010, Abdulhamid received a scholarship from Qatar University (QU) and graduated with a degree in Finance in 2015.

He was chosen to be one of 20 students from QU who were sent to Indonesia to teach Arabic, Mathematics, Environmental Science, Computer and Sports to students in poor regions of the country. He also spends his vacations in the Philippines teaching Arabic, Mathematics and Islamic subjects.

“Everything becomes easy because of my fluency in Arabic, and I help many people in the Filipino community,” Abdulhamid said.

Abdulhamid is also an active volunteer in the Filipino community in Qatar. He is currently the vice-president of the Philippine Muslim Federation, Asian community committee member at the Qatar Football Association, board member of Almuwasat Charity, representative of the Filipino community at Qatar Red Crescent and Qatar Charity and honorary cultural ambassador at Qatar Museums.

“I’m happy as a volunteer. It gives me joy whenever I see that people I help are happy. If the spirit of volunteerism is in your heart, you will really devote time for it because you want to extend help to people in need,” he said.