Riyadh in Saudi Arabia. Photo: iStock
Riyadh in Saudi Arabia. Photo: iStock

A Filipino domestic worker in Saudi Arabia who drank beach due to homesickness has been sent home. The 28-year-old identified only as Clara, who had been working Saudi Arabia for only one month, experienced severe homesickness and drank two glasses of bleach, GMA News reported.

Clara was rushed to a hospital after her employer saw her drink the bleach. After she recovered, the Philippine Embassy in Riyadh assisted her.

Labor Attaché Nasser Mundar said the domestic worker stayed at the Bahay Kalinga shelter while waiting to be repatriated. Clara was sent back to the Philippines along with other distressed Filipino workers in the shelter.

Munder said her case was an example of a Filipino migrant worker failing to overcome homesickness and resorting to drastic and life-threatening decisions to get out of a situation.

The labor official advised employment agencies to make sure applicants were ready to work overseas before being allowed to leave the Philippines.