A wild boar in India. Photo: iStock.
A wild boar in India. Photo: iStock.

A wild boar attacked and killed a 55-year-old man in India on Monday. At 10:30pm, Suraj Pal was riding a motorbike with his brother-in-law Ashok after visiting a sick friend.

Halfway through their journey, a wild boar attacked them at Tilmas village, the Times of India reported. Pal was knocked unconscious in the attack and Ashok survived and called police immediately.

Upon arrival at the Meerganj community health center, Pal was pronounced dead. His body has been sent for an autopsy. Pal, who leaves behind a wife and five children, was a daily wage laborer from Sirodhi Angadpur.

Contrary to popular belief, the stimulus behind a wild boar’s attack comes from a defensive standpoint, not predatory. In most cases, adults are more vulnerable than children to wild boar attacks.

According to statistics in studies conducted in India, most victims of boar attacks were male, making up 68% of the study. Up to 32% of male victims were aged between 41 and 50, while the other age groups saw a lower percentage.

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