The District Court in Wan Chai on Hong Kong Island. Photo: Google Maps
The District Court in Wan Chai on Hong Kong Island. Photo: Google Maps

A 78-year-old female employer told a Hong Kong court on Wednesday she did not pour hot water on her Indonesian domestic worker, who had worked for her for three days.

The defendant, Indonesian Chinese woman Gee Hoo-giok, told the District Court that domestic worker Ismiati was caring and performed her work well on the first two days she reported for duty, the Apple Daily reported.

The court heard that Gee’s husband had been diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease in 2005. She then hired Ismiati to take care of her husband in January last year, but her husband died on March 3, before Ismiati reported for duty on March 27.

Gee said her children then wanted Ismiati to take care of her instead. The defendant told the court Ismiati performed well, showed she cared for her, took the initiative to clean the bathroom which she gave the woman an extra HK$50 (US$6.3) for as a reward.

Gee claimed that Ismiati changed her attitude that night and said the defendant was bad and accused her of splashing hot water on her back and denying she had received any reward from Gee.

Gee then called her daughter, who summoned the police.

A forensic report presented at the court showed Ismiati was diagnosed with moderate degree burns, suffering redness from the back of her neck to her lower back, with blisters and peeling skin, but the report could not confirm if the injuries were caused by an accident, self-made or by other people.

The trial continues on Thursday.

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