Dubai, UAE. Photo: Wikimedia Commons
Dubai, UAE. Photo: Wikimedia Commons

An Egyptian man in Dubai was jailed for three months after he sexually harassed a Filipino cleaner in his apartment.

At 2.30pm on March 11, the Filipina cleaner was assigned by her cleaning service firm to go to the Egyptian man’s apartment to clean. The Filipina cleaned until 6pm when the man arrived, the Khaleej Times reported.

When the man arrived, he called the Filipina to his bedroom and asked her to clean the dust on the front of the bed. As she was cleaning, the man groped her. The Filipina yelled at him but the man claimed he had touched her by mistake.

“I pushed his hand away as he grabbed my hand and told me he would give me money to keep quiet and not file a police complaint,” the Filipina was quoted as saying.

The Filipina left the apartment and called the police, who arrested the man.

The Egyptian denied the Filipina’s accusations at the Dubai Court of First Instance.

However, he was found guilty and was sentenced to three months in jail. He will be deported after serving his punishment.