Dubai, UAE. Photo: Wikimedia Commons
Dubai, UAE. Photo: Wikimedia Commons

An employer in Dubai was given a three-month jail term after being found guilty of sexually assaulting one of his female staff in his car.

The man, who works as a shop manager in Qusais, called one of his employees to have a chat with him in his car outside the shop. The woman said she assumed that the man wanted to talk to her about work-related matters as they had done so before, The Filipino Times reported.

When they were finished talking, the woman asked her employer if she could take the following day off. The man then locked the doors of the car and told her that he would only approve her request if she did something for him in return.

The man started touching the woman inappropriately and, when she resisted, pulled her hair, only stopping when the woman screamed loudly. Before they left the car, the man threatened to fire the woman if she told anyone about the incident.

The woman immediately told her roommate and sister what happened and filed a complaint against her employer, who was arrested and charged with sexual assault, which he denied.

The man was handed a three-month jail term and will be deported after completing his punishment.

The report did not disclose the nationalities or identities of either the convicted man or his female victim.