Sai Kung in the New Territories. Photo: Google Maps
Sai Kung in the New Territories. Photo: Google Maps

A 26-year-old domestic worker helped stop a burglary at a villa in Sai Kung in the New Territories on Sunday. At 9pm, the domestic worker heard a strange noise outside the villa in Greenview Garden on 31 Razor Hill in Clear Water Bay, news website reported.

She went out to check and found a man wearing a mask and cap trying to break in. She started screaming and the burglar ran away.

The woman immediately called police and her employer. No valuables were reported lost. The report did not mention the nationality of the domestic worker.

When police searched the area, they found a window of an apartment on the same block prized open and the flat ransacked. The losses had yet to be counted.

Police are hunting for a male suspect 1.6 meters tall and with a medium build. He was wearing a mask, black cap, black top and dark-colored jeans and shoes.

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