Hong Kong International Airport. Photo: Wiki Commons
Hong Kong International Airport. Photo: Wiki Commons

Cash assistance will be paid to Filipino domestic workers who were stranded at airports in September due to typhoon Mangkhut.

Affected workers can file their claims for 5,000 Philippine pesos (US$92) in cash assistance offered by the Consulate General of the Philippines, sunwebhk.com has reported.

The assistance is meant to help offset the extra cost that workers incurred when they were left stranded by the suspension or delay of flights over the five-day period of typhoon Mangkhut, Consul Paulo Saret, the Consulate’s head of assistance to nationals section, said.

Workers only need to present tickets, boarding passes and arrival or departure stamps to prove that their flights were delayed or canceled in the period from September 14 to 18.

The cash assistance would be paid out in Hong Kong if workers apply here, but the funds would still come from Manila, he said.

The cash aid will reportedly come from the 1-billion-peso Assistance To Nations (ATN) fund, which Philippine diplomatic posts abroad draw money from to help distressed domestic workers and other Filipinos abroad.