Kuwait is a popular destination for Filipinos looking for work. Photo: Wikimedia Commons

A domestic worker who suffered physical abuse from her female employer for one year and two months in Kuwait has made it safely back to the Philippines.

Ruby Caduyag said her female employer did not feed her and she was beaten because she could not understand her employer’s instructions because she spoke in Arabic, GMA News reported.

Caduyag said her employer would pull her hair when she became angry and spat on her face. The employer also used a plastic chair to hit her. The domestic worker said if it wasn’t for the employer’s child, she would have suffered worse beatings.

She was able to return to the Philippines with the help of her employer’s child. Caduyag arrived at Ninoy Aquino International Airport on Monday and has been given assistance from the Overseas Workers Welfare Administration.

Kuwait is one of the major labor destinations for Filipinos in the Middle East, with more than 250,0000 employed in the country, mostly as domestic workers.