Kuwait. Photo: Wikimedia Commons
Kuwait. Photo: Wikimedia Commons

A Filipino domestic worker who was allegedly abused by her employers in Kuwait has returned home to the Philippines.

Corazon Abiasada, 32, was employed as a domestic worker by a Kuwaiti and Lebanese couple in November last year. Abiasada alleged that her female employer would often physically and verbally abuse her, Philippine News Agency reported.

“My employer told me that she would cut out my tongue and throw me out of the window,” Abiasada said.

Abiasada said her male employer also physically abused her when his wife expressed dissatisfaction with Abiasada’s work. She claimed that on one occasion her male employer asked her to touch his genitals, which she refused to do.

The domestic worker unsuccessfully sought assistance from her employment agency. She then decided to contact her family in the Philippines, who contacted their local government office.

Through the assistance of the Philippine authorities, Abiasada was able to return to her hometown in Bacolod City on October 9. Abiasada said she started working in Kuwait in 2011 and that her previous employers had treated her well. She had not expected to experience abuse from her latest employers.