Luxus Hill Avenue, Singapore. Photo: Google Maps
Luxus Hill Avenue, Singapore. Photo: Google Maps

A 58-year-old housewife told a Singapore newspaper of her misfortune regarding her newly-hired domestic worker. The 29-year-old Filipina reportedly quit her job after 10 days because the villa where she had to work was too big, causing the employer to lose more than S$1,000 (US$725) in fees.

The employer, surnamed Toh, and her family, including her elderly mother in her 80s, moved to a four-story condominium on Luxus Hill Avenue around two months ago, the Lianhe Wanbao (Singapore) reported.

Early in June, Toh filed an application to hire a domestic worker via an employment agency, who arranged for her to employ a 29-year-old Filipina.

Prior to her arrival, Toh briefed the Filipina worker that she would be living with her family in a four-story apartment where her elderly mother, who was in excellent health, also lived. However, the worker’s assignments would be restricted to daily domestic chores and preparing meals, meaning care-giving responsibilities would be minimal.

The worker started her job at Toh’s home from September 1, generally working from 9am until 8pm and given rest days and freedom to use her mobile phone without restriction.

On September 10, when the worker was asked to do some extra laundry, her expression was one of sadness and dissatisfaction. She then expressed her determination to leave the job due to the fact that the employer’s home was too big. She also denied Toh’s request that she stay in the job for one more month in order for her to find a replacement worker.

The employer who had paid S$2,048 in advance for hiring the worker was only given S$500 by the agency, who said a full refund was not available due to conditions agreed to in the contract.

Toh said she was very disappointed as she had not sacked the worker.

The agency explained that some fees were already incurred despite the worker quitting so soon after beginning the job.