Dolores town in Abra province, Philippines. Photo: Google Maps

A Filipino domestic worker returned from Qatar to surprise her family in the Philippines only to find that her husband had been shot dead two days earlier.

When Gladys Pilor arrived back in the Philippines on Wednesday, she learned that her husband had been shot in Dolores town in Abra province, Philippine Daily Inquirer reported.

Rodel and another man named Rolan Lazara, both volunteer workers in the reelection campaign of the governor Abra Maria Jocelyn Bernos, were traveling on a motorcycle when they were ambushed and shot dead.

Bernos and her opponent Dolores Mayor Reobert “JR” Seares urged the police to conduct a thorough probe of the incident.

Pilor urged the police to arrest her husband’s killers, saying ordinary people should not be attacked for their political affiliations. Police and election officials have not classified the murders as political killings.