A temple in Singapore. Photo: Google Maps
A temple in Singapore. Photo: Google Maps

A 51-year-old Indonesian domestic worker who was recently sacked by relatives of her 88-year-old employer has been accused of seducing him and obtaining his property by deception.

Two nieces of the elderly man surnamed Wong wrote to Lianhe Wanbao (Singapore), claiming that a domestic worker named Muji had used witchcraft on their uncle. They blamed her for their uncle making irrational decisions to sell off properties with an estimated value of S$200,000 (US$144,588).

As an example of how their uncle had “lost his mind”, the nieces claimed that when the domestic worker asked for a pay rise from S$500 to $700 a month (US$361 to $506), the elderly man agreed right away.

The man was reportedly also persuaded to sell off his three properties, including the one intended for his retirement. This made him homeless, forcing the nieces to take their uncle and his domestic worker into their home.

Two months ago, while the worker returned to Indonesia on vacation, the sisters took their uncle to a temple master to have “spells” removed. They claimed that after this brought their uncle to his senses, he agreed to sack Muji, who had allegedly spent over S$100,000, or half of the money from the sale of his properties.

According to the nieces, before being repatriated to Indonesia on August 24 this year, the domestic worker allegedly threatened to put a curse on the family.

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