The cobra interrupted England's practice. Photo: YouTube
The cobra interrupted England's practice. Photo: YouTube

A video featuring a cobra doing some fielding during a practice session by England’s cricket team in Sri Lanka has gone viral on the internet.

The deadly snake joined the team on Monday morning at the practice facility in Kandy, Sri Lanka, India Today reported, leaving England’s player stumped. Video footage showed the groundsmen – without wicketkeeper’s gloves or pads – using pipes and sticks to get the reptile off the field of play.

The England team shared the video on their Twitter page, saying a “surprise visitor” showed up.

The snake was eventually put in a white sack. According to the Independent, there was no information on what happened to the cobra after it was taken away. It is, however, doubtful it will be called up again.

Some breeds of cobra store enough neurotoxic venom to kill 80 adults, but this surprise visitor might have brought the England team good luck. On Wednesday, England beat Sri Lanka by seven wickets in the third One Day International.

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