The cobra regurgitates the snake in a bid to make a quick getaway. Photo: YouTube

A video showing a five-foot cobra regurgitating another snake in India has gone viral on the internet. On September 27, Harish Chandra Parida spotted a snake sheltering under a rice drum in the kitchen of his home in Odisha, the Daily Mail reported.

Parida called the Snake Helpline for assistance and Susant Behera was dispatched by the organization. After he grabbed hold of the cobra, the snake started to regurgitate what turned out to be a smaller snake.

Subhendu Mallik, the General Secretary of the Snake Helpline, said reptiles expel their meals when they sense danger so they can flee quickly. However, Mallik added that a cobra expelling another cobra was a rare thing.

The Indian Spectacled cobra is a cannibalistic species like many snakes. They mainly prey on small mammals, rodents, birds, eggs and other reptiles.