Half a dozen women dance to forget traffic congestion. Photo: Baidu
Half a dozen women dance to forget traffic congestion. Photo: Baidu

It may be common for people to find themselves stuck on a Chinese highway during the golden holiday week, but much less common are the opportunities to derive a little fun from it.

In one such rare case, half a dozen middle-aged women temporarily abandoned their cars inside the traffic-clogged Mount Erland Tunnel connecting Sichuan province with Tibet and began square dancing.

Square dancing is a form of entertainment enjoyed throughout China, although some complain the pastime, known as “Dama” and popular among retired women, is so noisy that it disturbs the peace in many Chinese cities, including Hong Kong.

But this was different. Some drivers compared what they witnessed to the famous scene in the Oscar-winning movie La La Land, except of course the Hollywood dancers were much younger. Others enjoyed it so much that they made video recordings with their mobile phones.

“Congestion is disturbing, but square dancing is even more disturbing,” said one Internet commentator.

More than half of the Chinese involved in the impromptu dance were traveling on a seven-day holiday, according to Ctrip, a mainland travel booking site.

Some 122 million mainlanders, or nearly 1% of China’s population were on the move on the first day of golden week, up 7.5%, according to Xinhua agency.

Hong Kong, for example, received more than 1.2 million visitors during the first five days of the golden week holiday, thanks partly to the newly inaugurated high-speed rail line that cut travel times in half for visitors from neighboring cities in the Greater Bay Area, or Pearl River Delta.