The plane missed the runway and crashed into the lagoon. Captured on Youtube.

The body of an Indonesian passenger of an Air Niugini plane has been found several days after he was reported missing following a plane accident in Micronesia.

On September 28, a Boeing 737 operated by Air Niugini, Papua New Guinea’s national airline, crashed into a lagoon near the Chuuk island runway in Micronesia. Most of the 47 passengers and crew were successfully rescued by local fishermen supported by a US Navy team before the plane sank.

Initially, the airline stated that all passengers and crew members survived the crash. However it later emerged that one passenger, an Indonesian citizen named Eko Cahyanto Singgih, was missing, .

Despite a team of divers conducting a search of the lagoon, Singgih’s body was not found until October 1, CBS News reported.

The Governor and government officials of Micronesia attended a dawn ceremony in Chuuk before the body was flown from Port Moresby to the deceased’s hometown in Java, Radio NZ reported. Air Niugini sent a specialist team to assist Singgih’s family.

The incident is currently being investigated by aviation and accident officials from Papua New Guinea and the USA.