The Peak, Hong Kong Island
Photo: Google Maps
The Peak, Hong Kong Island Photo: Google Maps

Police are hunting a burglar who tried to break into the home of a famous architect and former auxiliary police chief on the Peak on Hong Kong Island.

After the security alarm went off in a villa on 51 Mount Kellett Road, and the house owner went out to check what had happened, news website reported.

The house owner, Arthur Kwok, who is the former head of Hong Kong Auxiliary Police Force, said he woke up after the alarm sounded and grabbed a torch for a check. He then saw a shadow but the man ran into a nearby hillside.

Kwok then discovered a kitchen door and basement had been prised open. He reported the case to the police.

Kwok and five other people in the house including his domestic worker were unhurt. No loss has been reported.

Police have classed the case as attempted burglary.

Kwok is a famous local architect and businessman whose family runs Wing On department stores.

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