Philippine Airlines have warned the public against purchasing tickets on social media websites such as Facebook. Photo: Wikimedia Commons
Philippine Airlines will slash its staff due to restrictions on flights. Photo: Wikimedia Commons

Philippine Airlines (PAL) has warned passengers against purchasing tickets being sold at low prices on social media. According to PAL, people were being enticed to buy cheap tickets in bulk via social media sites such as Facebook, The Filipino Times reported.

Those who bought the tickets were then informed the tickets were in the names of fictitious people and the buyers were offered fake identification to present at the airport check-in.

Rear Admiral Jorge Amba, the PAL’s head of security, said the number of passengers caught using fake identification documents had increased over the past months. From October 5, 68 people had been apprehended in different airports around the Philippines.

“Our airport front liners are highly trained to identify counterfeits. To avoid hassles, and serious legal trouble, we are advising the public to buy their own tickets from PAL ticket offices and accredited travel agents only,” Amba said.

Passengers caught using fake identification face penalties under two laws and could be jailed for one month on the first charge and two to six years on the second.