Dubai, UAE. Photo: iStock
Dubai, UAE. Photo: iStock

A 30-year-old Ethiopian domestic worker in Dubai was sentenced to six months’ imprisonment for trying to sell her newborn child to an undercover policewoman for 10,000 dirhams (US$2,723), Khaleej Times reported.

At the Dubai Court of First Instance, the domestic worker and an accomplice were found guilty of human trafficking. The domestic worker was also charged for having illicit sex with the baby’s father.

According to the domestic worker, she arrived in the United Arab Emirates five years ago and worked for an Emirati family for 10 months before absconding. She worked illegally in the country until she met an Emirati man and moved in with him, later becoming pregnant.

The domestic worker said she tried to sell the baby because she needed money and could not support the child.

There are more than 750,000 domestic workers in the United Arab Emirates. Many come from the Philippines, Sri Lanka, India and Ethiopia.

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