Dubai where the man appeared in court. Photo: Wikimedia Commons
Dubai where the man appeared in court. Photo: Wikimedia Commons

A Vietnamese construction worker has been charged in Dubai for allegedly threatening to slit a woman’s throat over 2,000 dirhams (US$545).

On June 6, the Vietnamese man, 45, entered the apartment of a 28-year-old Vietnamese hairdresser. He took a kitchen knife and held it to the woman’s neck, threatening to slit her throat if she did not pay him 2,000 dirhams, Khaleej Times reported.

The woman said she thought the man could be upset after she kicked him out of their apartment because he used narcotics. She said she received threats and was blackmailed by the man.

“He placed the knife on my neck and told me to pay him 2,000 dirhams. He threatened to slit my throat. A man, who was there, took him away from me and out of my place, with the help of two others,” the woman said.

On Wednesday at the Dubai Court of First Instance, a Filipino man, 33, testified that he saw the Vietnamese man threatening the victim with a knife.

“He spoke in his native language which I don’t understand. I pulled him away to the kitchen. I heard from the woman later that it was about some money he wanted her to pay him,” the Filipino said.

The defendant admitted to the charges during the public prosecution investigation. The next hearing will be on Oct. 7.