Dunblane, Scotland. Photo by iStock.
Dunblane, Scotland. Photo by iStock.

Police in Scotland are looking for suspects in a human trafficking case after a Vietnamese victim successfully escaped and sought help.

On September 13, the victim, an unnamed 21-year-old Vietnamese woman, asked a pedestrian for help in Dunblane, Stirlingshire, The Daily Record reported. Authorities suspect that the woman was being trafficked and managed to escape from where she was held.

Nigel Thacker, the Detective Chief Inspector of the Public Protection Unit for Forth Valley Police, said the police are trying to work with the woman to pinpoint the location where she was held captive.

The woman might have been held in rural Tayside before she walked to Dunblane along the A9 road.

Police called for the public to get in touch if they saw a lone woman in a distressed state walking along the A9 late in the evening of September 13.

In 2017, Scotland reported 213 cases of potential human trafficking, about half of which involved Vietnamese citizens. It is known that many Vietnamese pay thousands of pounds to human smugglers as they believe they will be offered good jobs in Britain. However, they are frequently made to work in nail bars or cannabis farms or forced into prostitution.