The message found in a bottle after Typhoon Mangkhut. Photo: Facebook/Benny Mok

A Hong Kong man cleaning up debris from typhoon Mangkhut has stumbled upon a love letter written 15 years ago in a plastic bottle, and wants help in tracking down the person who was supposed to read it.

Benny Mok, who posted a photo on Facebook, said he found the message while working as a volunteer in Heng Fa Chuen, one of the areas worst-hit by Mangkhut, news website reported.

Assumed to have been written by a primary school student, the note says “I Love Sam” in both Chinese and English, and then “ANGEL♡SAM”. It is signed simply “Angel”.

The yellow paper used for the message was torn off a notice from Salvation Army Ann Wyllie Memorial School and is dated 2003.

Mok wants to ensure the message is delivered to Sam, even if it is 15 years late. His photo has already gone viral, with 2,300 Likes and has been shared more than 600 times.