Photo: YouTube
Photo: YouTube

A female Chinese tourist was slammed by Internet critics after she forcibly grabbed a swan’s neck in Switzerland.

According to a video on a Swiss news website ’20 Minuten’, a female tourist who wanted to pose for a picture with a swan in Schwanenplatz in Switzerland tried to lure the animal by waving a banknote, pretending that it was food, Oriental Daily reported.

Suddenly, the swan pecked the banknote from the woman’s hand.

A friend of the woman who lost the banknote immediately came forward and pinched the neck of the swan to get the money back. Other tourists were surprised by the woman’s behavior.

The incident was captured on video by a passer-by and later reported by Swiss media.

It is understood that there was a nearby sign in English that said “No Feeding”.

The report did not mention which country the women came from. However, as they were heard speaking Mandarin in the video clip, social media commentators slammed mainland Chinese tourists for hurting the animal.

In recent years, mainland Chinese tourists have earned a bad reputation overseas with media highlighting cases ranging from boorish behavior to displays of improper etiquette.

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