Photo: Reuters/Stephen Lam
Photo: Reuters/Stephen Lam

Apple recently warned that a “wide range” of its products would be ensnared in the Trump administration’s tariff fight with China, should the US go ahead with a new escalation.

But, it seems, the company has managed to be granted exemptions from the import duties for some of its marquee devices. According to a report from Bloomberg on Monday afternoon, a product code which covers Apple’s Watch and AirPods has been taken off the tariff list.

The code also covers certain wireless products from Apple’s competitors.

Deliberations on what products to take off the proposed list of US$200 billion in Chinese goods have been going on for weeks, following a comment period during which industry lobbyists fought tooth-and-nail to convince officials to make exceptions for the corporations they represent.

The White House is reportedly gearing up to make the official announcement on this round of tariffs as soon as today, after which the winners and losers of the lobbying fight will finally be revealed.

Analysts have warned that small and medium-sized enterprises will be hit hardest by tariffs, as they have a less diversified overseas footprint geographically, and will have more difficulty redirecting supply chains. The pass given to the world’s most valuable firm suggests that bigger companies also have another built-in advantage to weather the trade war.