Simon Cowell. Photo: The X Factor UK@Youtube.
Simon Cowell. Photo: The X Factor UK@Youtube.

Music and TV impresario Simon Cowell, famous for Pop Idol, The X Factor and America’s Got Talent, recently donated £25,000 (US$32,673) to help rescue dogs from dog meat farms in South Korea.

Cowell, who himself owns three dogs, gave the money to Humane Society International (HSI), which aims to save dogs from being slaughtered and eaten in the Asian country, The Metro reported.

He previously spoke out against the Yulin Dog meat festival in China, describing the festival as “sickeningly cruel”, Sky News reported, and has compared eating dogs to eating your friends.

Britain-based HSI have worked in several Asian countries to shut down dog meat farms. They also cooperate with dog farmers who want to leave the industry, offering them assistance in switching to other areas of business.

As a result, 12 dog meat farms have been closed down and nearly 1,400 dogs have been rescued.

Despite a decline in dog meat consumption in South Korea, HSI claims that 2.5 million dogs are still bred and slaughtered in the country every year.

The group has also focused on Vietnam which, along with South Korea and China, is one of the biggest consumers of dog meat in the world. HSI recently applauded the Hanoi’s People’s Committee for urging its citizens to stop eating dog meat, as it spreads diseases and damages the reputation of the country as a tourist destination.

Vietnamese officials now say they expect dog meat restaurants to be eliminated by the end of 2021.

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