Ninoy Aquino International Airport. Photo: Google Maps
Ninoy Aquino International Airport. Photo: Google Maps

An illegal recruiter was arrested after scamming more than 200 airport employees at Ninoy Aquino International Airport in the Philippines and promising them jobs in New Zealand that did not exist.

Mayan Louise conned more than 200 employees after word spread that he was offering jobs in New Zealand without charging placement fees, The Filipino Times reported.

Nelly Britania, who fell for Louise’s scam, said she heard he had helped a colleague get work in New Zealand and only asked her to pay the passport fee of PHP1,200 and PHP2,500 for medical expenses.

Britania and other airport employees became interested and deposited their money to Medz Remittance Services in Bicol.

However, after depositing the money and expecting to work in New Zealand, months passed and they hopeful employees could not contact Louise. He reportedly took PHP740,000 from his victims.

The victims then sought help from the Manila International Airport Authority and Louise was arrested.