A 3.5-meter python stopped traffic in downtown Manila, Philippines. Photo: Facebook

Traffic was brought to a halt on a busy road in the Philippines capital, Manila, by the unwelcome appearance of a 3.5-meter python.

In a video uploaded by Maryann Te on Facebook, the python was seen during rush hour in front of a bus terminal on Taft Avenue in Pasay City on Thursday, halting shocked traffic and commuters.

The video showed dozens of men surrounding the snake and trying to capture it using a cardboard box. Panicked onlookers and commuters were heard yelling and seen running from the snake.

“There was a big crowd of people all standing around so I went over to look. Pedestrians and drivers went to see it,” Te said.

The snake was eventually captured and put in a box. Police called animal handlers who arrived at the scene and took the snake away to be released into the wild. Sightings of such large snakes are uncommon in densely-populated Manila.