Amman, capital of Jordan. Photo: Wikimedia Commons
Amman, capital of Jordan. Photo: Wikimedia Commons

The Philippines and Jordan signed an agreement recently to ensure better working conditions and safety for Filipino migrant workers in Jordan.

Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte met with Jordanian officials on Thursday and signed two labor deals that will provide Filipino workers with better work conditions and proper procedures in the recruitment of domestic workers, the Philippine Star reported.

The Philippine and Jordanian governments also signed three other agreements on trade and foreign affairs.

Officials said the two governments also discussed the problems of undocumented Filipinos in Jordan and said they are working on repatriating back to the Philippines.

The latest agreement comes after the Philippines and Israel signed an agreement on lowering the placement fees for Filipinos working in Israel.

Duterte said the working and living conditions of Filipinos in both Israel and Jordan are expected to improve further after his meetings with Israeli and Jordanian officials.

There are about 48,000 Filipino workers in Jordan, while there are 28,000 in Israel. Most of the Filipinos in Israel – 24,000 – work as caregivers.

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