Typhoon Manghkut Photo: Hong Kong Observatory
Typhoon Manghkut Photo: Hong Kong Observatory

The Hong Kong Observatory issued a No. 1 Tropical Cyclone Warning Signal at 10:20pm on Friday as super typhoon Mangkhut is close to Hong Kong.

This means that a tropical cyclone will come within 800 kilometers of Hong Kong and may affect the public.

The Observatory said people should consider the changes in weather when planning activities and beware that strong winds may occur over offshore waters.

At 10pm, Mangkhut was estimated to be about 1110 kilometers east-southeast of Hong Kong (near 17.5 degrees north 123.5 degrees east) and is forecast to move northwest or west-northwest at about 28 kilometers per hour towards the northern part of Luzon and enter the South China Sea.

According to the present forecast track, Mangkhut will move across the northern part of Luzon in the early hours on Saturday, and enter the South China Sea in the morning. The terrain of Luzon will affect the intensity and movement of Mangkhut.

Mangkhut is forecast to remain at super typhoon intensity and its circulation is extensive with high winds. It will pose a severe threat to the coast of Guangdong.

The Observatory will consider issuing the Strong Wind Signal No. 3 later on Saturday. There will be significant swells starting on Saturday.

“The chance of issuing a Typhoon Signal No. 8 on Sunday is very high as Mangkhut will be close to Hong Kong,” Cheng Cho-ming, the assistant director of the Hong Kong Observatory, told a media briefing earlier on Friday. This would be two notches down from a maximum No. 10.

The Observatory said the public should stay away from the shoreline, and not to engage in water sports.

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Taken at Victoria Peak looking towards the north-northeast at 10:35pm on Sept 14 Photo: HK Observatory
Air temperature (℃) at 22:30 on Sept 14 Photo: HK Observatory
Weather Chart at 8pm on Sept 14 Photo: HK Observatory