The spectacled cobra killed four puppies. Photo: YouTube
The spectacled cobra killed four puppies. Photo: YouTube

A fight between a dog and a cobra was caught on camera in Odisha, India, on Monday. The Parida family were alerted on Monday evening when they heard their pet dog barking constantly.

The dog had given birth to eight puppies a few days earlier and had her babies sheltered under the house stairway, Goal Post Media reported.

After checking to see why the dog was barking, house owner Bijay Parida saw a spectacled cobra under the stairway where the puppies were staying. The snake had already killed one puppy and the mother dog was barking and trying to keep the reptile away from the other puppies.

Parida sought help from Mirza Mohammed Arif, a local snake rescuer who claimed to have 15 years of experience, having saved more than 12,900 snakes. Arif arrived half an hour later when four of the puppies had been killed by the sake.

Arif said it was difficult to catch the cobra as it was in a tight place under the staircase. Getting own on his knees, he said the operation was dangerous for him as the snake could have bitten him at any time. When he grabbed the snake’s tail the dog would try to come at the snake, which could have ended badly for the snake catcher.

The rescue operation took Arif half an hour to complete. The snake was later released in the wild.