Lal-lo, Cagayan in the Philippines. Photo: Google Maps

A Filipino migrant worker was shot dead in a bar gunfight involving two police officers in Lal-lo, Cagayan in the Philippines.

At 2:30am on Saturday in Barangay Magapit, the victim, Edward Opiña was in a bar drinking with police officer Jeffrey Equuizabal when another cop named Mike Sosa arrived, Philippine Star reported.

After an argument over a bar hostess broke out between Opiña and Equuizabal, Sosa intervened and reprimanded Opiña.

The incident sparked a shootout between the two police officers, in which Opiña was shot in the stomach and died on the spot.

The two cops were also wounded in the altercation. Equuizabal was rushed to Cagayan Valley Medical Center while Sosa was taken to a private hospital in Camalaniugan town.

Police recovered six, 9mm shells from the crime scene.