The Al Quoz Industrial Area in Dubai. Photo: Google Maps

An Indian man appeared in court in Dubai on Monday and faced charges of molesting a Filipino woman who was walking along a road late at night. The man pleaded not guilty and claimed he touched the woman by mistake.

At 1am on Aug. 3 in the Al Quoz Industrial Area, a 25-year-old Filipina, who worked as a waitress, was with a friend and was heading to a supermarket when a group of five or six men were walking in the opposite direction, Gulf News reported.

One of the men, a 30-year-old Indian who worked as a driver, allegedly groped her intentionally and the Filipina yelled at him. She said the Indian man replied in a “very abusive and vulgar manner.”

The Indian man then started walking away while laughing, but the woman continued yelling at him until an African man stepped in and helped her and restrained the man.

“An African eyewitness helped me to stop the suspect from walking away and the police came and arrested him,” the Filipina said.

A ruling will be heard on Oct. 15.