The Circus Circus Hotel and Casino, Las Vegas. Photo by iStock.
The Circus Circus Hotel and Casino, Las Vegas. Photo by iStock.

An American faced two counts each of murder and robbery with a deadly weapon in a Las Vegas court on Tuesday after he was arrested for allegedly killing two Vietnamese tour guides in a hotel in June.

On June 1, Sang Boi Nghia, a 38-year-old tour operator from Vietnam, and her employee Khuong Le Ba Nguyen were found dead in their room at the Circus Circus hotel, Las Vegas Sun reported. They had failed to show up for a scheduled trip to the Grand Canyon with a tour group from California.

Julius Trotter, 31, was later identified as a suspect in the case. He was located and arrested by a task force of Southern Nevada law enforcement officers and FBI agents after a car chase in Chino, California.

Trotter was accused of stabbing the victims to death, the Associated Press reported. Police said Trotter was staking out hotel rooms when he ran into the two victims. He stabbed them and took away their valuables, but was spotted by surveillance cameras in an elevator.

In court, Trotter requested more time to secure a defense lawyer, and the court granted him until October 4. District Attorney Steve Wolfson has yet to decide whether to seek the death penalty.

In January 2017, Trotter faced charges of reckless driving and resisting arrest with a deadly weapon in Nevada. He was given a jail term but the sentence was suspended.