Mumbai in India where the bomb hoax happened. Photo: Wikimedia Commons

A man was arrested in India on Saturday after claiming a bomb was on a plane in a bid to stop his Filipino wife returning to the Philippines.

Wasim Qureshi, 30, met his Filipino wife in Dubai two years ago. The couple moved to Goregaon in Mumbai City, India, a few months ago, The Times of India reported.

The couple often fought and had problems, which led to the Filipina deciding to return home.

On Friday evening, Qureshi called airport authorities and told them he had planted a bomb on a Singapore Airlines flight – the flight his wife was taking to the Philippines. The call led to a search for the bomb, but nothing was found.

The bomb scare delayed the flight by five hours and the plane eventually took off at 5:30am on Saturday. Police were able to trace Qureshi’s call and located him in Goregaon and arrested him. Qureshi told police he made the claim to stop his wife flying to the Philippines.

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