Pahang police headquarters in Malaysia. Photo: Google Maps
Pahang police headquarters in Malaysia. Photo: Google Maps

A 20-year-old shop assistant from a town in Pahang, Malaysia, reportedly lost 500 ringgit in an alleged cash exchange scam on Monday afternoon by a foreign man who spoke with an Indonesian accent.

The incident took place at about 3:30pm in Raub when the assistant was by herself in the shop, the China Press reported. The foreign man, whose nationality was not known, asked the woman to help break his 10 100-ringgit banknotes into 50-ringgit notes.

The woman told the man that she only had 10 50-ringgit notes, half what the man asked for. He agreed to exchange that much.

When the woman handed the man the money, he changed his mind and asked her to turn the 50-ringgit notes into five-ringgit ones. The woman checked, but did not have enough.

The man suddenly pointed his finger diagonally upwards, prompting the woman to look into the direction he pointed to. The man then took the five 100-ringgit banknotes from the assistant’s hand.

The case was being investigated by Pahang police under Section 420 of the Penal Code for cheating.