Merlion Park, Singapore. Photo: Google Maps

A Singaporean employer claims his domestic worker endangered his family by falling foul of loan sharks.

The 47-year-old took to social media to express his anger and disappointment with an Indonesian domestic worker who had been working for his family for eight years, after threats from loan sharks potentially endangered his home and his three children.

The man told the Shin Min Daily News in an interview that on August 26 this year he was contacted by a loan shark who threatened to burn down his home if his worker continued to put off repayment of a loan.

When the employer confronted his domestic worker, she admitted taking out a loan to help her family in Indonesia deal with an emergency situation. In doing so she had provided the loan shark with details of her work permit along with her employer’s name, address and mobile telephone number.

The woman denied that she still owed money, telling her employer that that she had taken out a S$300 loan (US$219) and already repaid S$700.

Two weeks later, the employer received a WhatsApp message, demanding that his worker repay S$400 as soon as possible.

He later learned that his worker had borrowed from more than one money lender, and that her latest loan was for S$1,500. He agreed to help repay the debts by giving his employee a cash advance on her salary.

It was reported that the employer has reported the case to the police, while the worker is expected to return to Indonesia after the borrowing saga is over.