Photo courtesy of US Department of State @Youtube.
Photo courtesy of US Department of State @Youtube.

An Indonesian advocate and former victim of human trafficking was awarded the 2018 Trafficking in Person (TIP) Report Hero Award by the United States Embassy at a ceremony in Menteng, Central Jakarta, on Tuesday.

Maizidah Salas, a former migrant worker from Wonosobo, East Java, is known for helping victims of human trafficking, reported.

Her most notable contribution to the cause is the formation of a non-government organisation called the Migrant Workers’ Village, which provides survivors of human trafficking with accommodation, support groups, and entrepreneurship training.

Salas has also served on the executive board of the National Council of Indonesian Migrant Workers’ Union since 2011.

When presenting the award to Salas, Joseph R. Donovan, the US Ambassador to Indonesia, said human trafficking is an urgent issue and a priority in Indonesia.

Salas said the award serves as an incentive for her to be even more helpful to others