Kwong Fuk Road in Tai Po, the New Territories
Photo: Google Maps
Kwong Fuk Road in Tai Po, the New Territories Photo: Google Maps

In a period of less than 16 hours on Monday, 14 people were stung by bees in Tai Po in Hong Kong’s New Territories.

Alice Ho Miu Ling Nethersole Hospital in Tai Po confirmed that between midnight Sunday and 4pm on Monday, 14 bee sting victims attended their emergency room for treatment, Apple Daily reported.

The hospital did not disclose where the bee stings took place, and the injured were all discharged after treatment.

Social media buzzed with talk of how after a man was stung on Kwong Fuk Road on Monday, he was told by a nurse at the hospital that they had already treated around ten other bee stings victims that day alone.

Netizens commented on seeing large numbers of bees flying around in villages and in downtown Tai Po, including Wan Tau Tong and Kwong Fuk Road. They urged residents living in the areas to take care.

Some commented that it was possible that beehives in the area were destroyed due to trees felled by Typhoon Mangkhut.

A doctor advised people who feel unwell after being stung by bees to go to hospital for treatment, Oriental Daily reported.

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