A family of wild boars sniffing around for food. Photo by iStock.

The French government has set up a committee to control the number of wild boars as the growing population has caused a huge amount of damage to farmland.

The decision came a few days after FNSEA, a leading farmers’ union, complained to the government that the rising number of wild boars was causing problems, The Local reported.

FNSEA president Christine Lambert said the damage done by large animals including boars, stags and deer had overwhelmed road and agriculture safety. She said 90% of the agricultural damage was seen on 15% of national territory.

She added that to combat the issue, more hunting was needed. Only 700,000 of the four million boars are hunted annually, while there is a demand for “more hunters, less damage and fewer boars.”

Apart from FNSEA, representatives from hunting groups were also on the newly established committee, which planned to improve the management of boar hunting in the country.

Most hunters prefer to hunt only on weekends as a hobby, while many of them are aging.

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