Delhi, India, a country with a lot of snakes. Photo by iStock.
Delhi, India, a country with a lot of snakes. Photo by iStock.

A total of four snakes were rescued from different districts in Delhi over this past weekend. On Sept. 15, the Wildlife SOS Rapid Response unit received a call from a family in the Faridabad Sector-49, saying a python was in their house, The Hindu reported.

The helpline sent two staff to the house where they found the snake coiled up on a bathroom exhaust fan. Shortly after rescuing the python, the rescuers had another call about a rat snake found inside a Greater Kailash-1 house. The snake was retrieved from a storage room.

The following day, Wildlife SOS were called to a farmhouse where they found a 4-foot cobra inside an exposed water tank five-foot-deep. The cobra was extracted from the tank and was put in a safe container.

The team then arrived at Chhattarpur where they rescued a wolf snake from the roof of a house in DLF Farms. All the snakes are now under medical evaluation and will be set free in their habitats when they are cleared by veterinarians.

Wasim Akram, the manager of Wildlife SOS, said the group helps citizens coexist with snakes, which he describes as beautiful animals. India is home to more than 270 types of snakes. About 60 of them are highly venomous.