The collision took place in Malaysian waters neighboring Brunei. Photo: YouTube

Four people were killed and two severely injured in a river accident between a speedboat and a passenger vessel in Sarawak, Malaysia, on Thursday afternoon.

At about 2pm on Sept. 27, a Malaysian boat with six passengers from Limbang aboard collided with a speedboat from Brunei carrying 20 passengers in Sungai Simpang Tiga, Kampung Limpaku Pinang, The Borneo Post reported.

Two Malaysians and two from Brunei were killed.

More than three hours later, seven-year-old Awang Syukri Awangku Rizan was found about 100 meters from the collision, followed by Mohammed Nazmi Marali, 21, who was found 21 minutes later not far from the first victim, according to the Limbang District police chief.

There were no further details about the identities for the two Bruneian women who died.

The Malaysian Fire and Rescue Department said a search and rescue had been deployed as soon as they received a distress call at 2:19pm. Rescue forces included local police, the Malaysian Maritime Enforcement Agency, Brunei ambulance, Brunei marine police as well as volunteers.

Shell Brunei also sent a helicopter to assist with the rescue operation.

All Bruneians, including two with severe injuries, were brought back to their country for medical attention and treatment.