Palawan, Philippines. Photo: iStock.
Palawan, Philippines. Photo: iStock.

Five Vietnamese fishermen, including a minor, were arrested by the Philippine Coast Guard last week for allegedly fishing illegally off the island of Palawan.

The ship, intercepted in waters off Palawan province on September 19, was carrying 1 ton of yellowfin tuna valued at 200,000 pesos (US$3,700) and a 50-kilogram tiger shark, all of which was confiscated, GMA News reported.

The coast guard said it had a hard time chasing the fishermen, who failed to produce documentation to show they were fishing legally.

The arrested fishermen will face charges of poaching and are now under the custody of the coast guard. The seized fish will be delivered to the provincial jail for consumption.

In May, 20 Vietnamese fishermen were detained off Mangsee Island in the Philippines after they were found in possession of 50 chopped-up pieces of sharks and rays. In March, 14 Vietnamese fishermen were arrested off Paluan, Occidental Mindoro province.

Over the past few years, hundreds of Vietnamese fishermen have been arrested for illegal fishing in foreign waters, including Malaysia and Indonesia. Officials in Vietnam say they have been trying to raise awareness of marine boundaries and maritime laws.

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