The man was arrested and detained in Macau. Photo: Wikimedia Commons

A 24-year-old Filipino man was arrested and charged with using forged banknotes in Macau on Monday. The migrant worker employed as a cleaner went to a snack shop in Centro area and handed a HK$1,000 (US$127) note to a shopkeeper for a HK$15 food bill, the Macau Daily News reported.

When staff were about to hand him the change, the man handed them another HK$1,000 note and asked if they could change it into small-denomination notes. The staff complied and handed the man a total of HK$1,985 and he left the shop.

The staff later discovered the two HK$1,000 were fakes and called police.

After an investigation, police arrested the Filipino man on Monday at his workplace and charged him with one count of fraud and using a counterfeit banknote. He was sent to the public prosecution office on Wednesday.

He told police he knew the banknotes were fake when he picked them up on a street. It is believed that fake notes were used by bank staff to practice how to count money quickly by hand and people could easily get a stack of them from online shopping site

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